Kim Knutson – Director of Horticultural Services


Kim grew up on 8 acres west of Minneapolis tromping around in fields and forests.  She earned a Degree in Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz with an emphasis in Horticulture, Agro-ecology, and Natural History. In Minneapolis, she found a niche as an Estate Gardener and has been working in all manner of landscapes: urban and rural, public and private for 35 years. Kim’s old company, Three Seeds, has happily merged into Phillips Garden as of Winter 2014 and she now serves as our Director of Horticultural Services.  Kim is passionate about designing with plants, restoring and renovating landscapes and creating naturalistic planting patterns. She lives in the Seward Neighborhood of Minneapolis and loves to explore natural and cultural destinations,  get all kinds of exercise, spend time cooking and eating good food with friends and family and take in good movies and books. Working with all of the creative and interesting people at Phillips Garden is a great pleasure for Kim.